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# Preamble
When will we be able to get out of this Evil Cloud that profiles us, scans us, analyzes us... To finally make us consume.
I didn't train as a network engineer to make this!
So I did something else.
Astroport is built on IPFS to form our personal Clouds exchanged between friends of friends protected from AI algorithms and the wild datamining that reigns here.
The advantage of this system, an energy consumption divided by 100, a distribution of data that allows to operate disconnected, a peer-to-peer information system unalterable, unbreakable.
Please let's stop this Internet Supermarket of ourselves...
It is a library of knowledge at its core.
## https://astroport.com
With this technology, we each become host and provider, monetary and media sovereign.
With this technology, we establish the "Crypto Department 96" whose map connects territories beyond borders and countries.
Astroport ONE is the embassy of a world made of interconnected algorithmic webs of trust.
# Astroport.ONE
It is a life-size board game that consists in listing, inventing, teaching, and disseminating the best ways to inhabit the planet Earth.
This program introduces multimedia data (web page, audio, video) as data chains (blockchain) registered in the IPFS network
network that players exchange through TW and Oasis.

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@ -21,7 +21,6 @@ Il s'agit d'un Jeu de société grandeur nature qui consiste à répertorier, in
Ce programme introduit des données multimédia (page web, audio, vidéo) en tant que chaines de données (blockchain) inscrites dans le réseau IPFS
que les joueurs échangent au travers des TW et Oasis.
# INSTALLATION (Linux Mint / Ubuntu / DEBIAN)

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<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>[Astroport] Redirection IPFS ... </title>
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=https://ipfs.copylaradio.com/ipfs/QmNwECbSL6xihpS2QLpts8a8Boekk3rEVGeySuzg83jTDA" />
<p>Please follow <a href="http://ipfs.localhost:8080/ipfs/QmNwECbSL6xihpS2QLpts8a8Boekk3rEVGeySuzg83jTDA">this link</a>.</p>