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fred 26ee21b165 cache restore 3 weeks ago
fred b9076d6cd1 was making nasty sneaky misbehaviour 3 weeks ago
fred b5e78178eb The Art of key derivation 4 weeks ago
fred 6cb83834b2 we 1 month ago
fred ba8845d1aa we 1 month ago
fred 15ee4afdad send new G1PASS by email 1 month ago
fred ddfae0e423 DApp icons & desktop shortcuts 1 month ago
fred 3ba64d1be9 Upgrade 1 month ago
fred e689bfd354 (•‿‿•) : Missive ${VoeuName} - ${UPASS} - La♥Box 1 month ago
fred 1b63e7c449 G1MISSIVE 1 month ago
fred 6ab293ff05 Evolution Milgram workflow & UX 1 month ago
fred f78c8041f0 G1Milgram is for G1Missive UX 1 month ago
fred 666a0a8dc8 G1Milgram is for G1Missive UX 1 month ago
fred 278255feb4 We had a / problem 1 month ago
fred f31aa39c80 window.open 1 month ago
fred 0b800bf4f8 add matomo monitoring 1 month ago
fred 414609a859 G1Tag is related to a derivated key and a merging DApp 1 month ago
fred dab40e065a 160 MB of code to open an infinite network of friends 1 month ago
fred 333cc6cdc1 push 1 month ago
fred fbf9ded5ef ASTRONAUTENS 1 month ago
fred 9b3c72dca4 Now you can login & open TW with your G1PASS (and email) 1 month ago
fred 4d6cf631fa ok 1 month ago
fred 26bf94f0fe friend G1PASS : send ★'s to g1pub 1 month ago
fred 3abe9eb39a You can Send ॐ★ॐ to friends on your G1Station 1 month ago
fred 776f36259e mixup 1 month ago
fred 1c8d64fd53 MadeInZion tiddlers contains :: _DAO_ / _ROOT_ / _SECTOR_ :: used to link TW & G1PASS 1 month ago
fred a83257c215 fonctionne aussi
+                    <br>avec les portefeuilles
2 months ago
fred f99cdd2e1c watt 2 months ago
fred 26179c0ff2 G1PASS G1PUB 2 months ago
fred 491f509e0c G1PASS FEATURES : balance - pay - history - etc ... 2 months ago
fred e3b7a26e26 plein de truc cool 2 months ago
fred edaac3df42 Add "login" feature using G1PASS QRCODE 2 months ago
fred 5fdaa737f4 smooth 2 months ago
fred 68528599c2 astro.js replace #countdown innerHTML 2 months ago
fred 9f06e445bb astro.js upgrade 2 months ago
fred fe81ad0fea WAN is for demo / LAN is for production 2 months ago
fred 60e7669f52 QRLINK new 2 months ago
fred cb335842ca Do not use Wish credential (G1 prefixed Pepper) in salt API 2 months ago
fred 2f239feaa6 new earth 2 months ago
fred bd4c9e8ca9 new one 2 months ago
fred d593908810 css 2 months ago
fred 8972651f8c G1Voeu 1st Sharing App 2 months ago
fred 1baf358815 AVOID EMPTY CURCHAIN 2 months ago
fred 09f4b78a06 <title>_G1VOEU_ : _PLAYER_ : http://astroport.localhost:1234</title> 2 months ago
fred d91e8e9628 draggable Tiddlers 2 months ago
fred 7e0d2fe193 preinit channel 2 months ago
fred 5528b3d0b0 ♥Box Ğ1Station - Astroport Ŋ1 ${IPNSTAIL} != "_ASTROPORT_" 2 months ago
fred 964ac5e4a9 certified astro.js evolution /QmYjUbg8NzsXxkYV5NnK2rwv38VGd5z8dhxr3zEph6qFQM/astro.js 2 months ago
fred 1cc89cf654 better restart with systemd & g1billet 2 months ago
fred 68b351ca3d mise en page 2 months ago