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fred b21b7e3426 netcat-traditional 1 week ago
fred b36cb9f7c4 netcat-openbsd 1234 trick 1 week ago
fred a9d76db1a4 protobuf downgrade !! F... Google. 3 weeks ago
fred fd2d9bb048 Appuyez sur la touche ENTREE pour démarrer le mode Aventure 4 weeks ago
fred 1f52333d6c python crypto tools 4 weeks ago
fred 4f45e0908e IPFS must be installed before astrXbian. Creating systemd startup scripts 4 weeks ago
fred 77bd8fce3e system file for ipfs daemon 1 month ago
fred b69bc7c2d4 Add Astroport.ONE game into astrXbian 2 months ago
fred 7f91392da5 unlock 2 months ago
fred 39c625f340 MY_PATH error in VirtualBox 2 months ago
fred 41782ddca5 nicotine-plus as soulseek network client 2 months ago
fred cab9290bb9 work in progress 2 months ago
fred 2c19940ebb ## Ajouter confirmation à chaque nouvelle étape (+explications) 2 months ago
fred 21ca6b213c fixings 2 months ago
fred 899e66be1f yt-dlp 2 months ago
fred 0a96267577 libcurl4-openssl-dev 9 months ago
fred 9734de08b5 Correct PDF restrictions for imagemagick 9 months ago
fred c4e2049bdc nmap 10 months ago
fred 411e5931e6 imagemagick ttf-mscorefonts-installer 10 months ago
fred 7b38faf703 corrections 10 months ago
fred 0f42fa4ea2 www/boris 11 months ago
fred f36f676fbd install better 11 months ago
fred 6b4651d4c5 INSTALL open_with_linux.py 11 months ago
fred fb25761233 www2mediakey EXCHANGE ZONEs ~/astroport/www/{audio video site} - recorded with youtube-dl sendto plugin 11 months ago
fred 4abc7ddd69 YOU can be used after ISOConfig has run 11 months ago
fred 472b4eee90 /home/$YOU/astroport/www 11 months ago
qo-op ced573bd20 sudo ln -f -s /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python 12 months ago
qo-op b943e742eb ## python -> python3 link 12 months ago
qo-op 1d92f5d238 cosmetics 12 months ago
qo-op 804f3a07e6 ## GIVE ACCESS TO www-data group 1 year ago
qo-op 8b2a570cb7 xclip 1 year ago
qo-op c91bda6f17 if [[ "$USER" == "pi" ]]; then ## PROPOSE QR_CODE PRINTER 1 year ago
qo-op 5a0264eacf install html2text 1 year ago
aynic.os dac3cfb158 test 1 year ago
aynic.os 785f715830 test 1 year ago
aynic.os 2dfa0ee7d2 test 1 year ago
aynic.os c7b272dfc5 test 1 year ago
aynic.os fba00c3225 test 1 year ago
aynic.os e9e1fd989d test 1 year ago
aynic.os d2b1d94967 test 1 year ago
aynic.os a5ea0292f2 1st test 1 year ago
qo-op fba22ba2e3 replace TAB with " " for testing code with copy/paste on console. 1 year ago
qo-op df8f200edc Control install/ISOConfig 1 year ago
qo-op ec95edcef1 opencv 1 year ago
qo-op a4646dfd8c python3-opencv support added 1 year ago
qo-op da2e3ce771 httrack 1 year ago
qo-op 55708f8067 optimisations 1 year ago
qo-op 375003a8bf detox 1 year ago
qo-op 02f5ba02af sauvegarde et restauration 1 year ago
qo-op c09088ccea backup restore install Astroport/KODI 1 year ago