Mesh decentralized Unified P2P Fat Protocol Layer. Connectors between Libre Money, ScuttleButt, IPFS, ... Salamalec between Nodes and Human.
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys, re, os.path, json, ast
from termcolor import colored
from lib.natools import fmt, sign, get_privkey
from gql import gql, Client
from gql.transport.aiohttp import AIOHTTPTransport
PUBKEY_REGEX = "(?![OIl])[1-9A-Za-z]{42,45}"
class Balance:
def __init__(self, dunikey, node, pubkey, useMempool=False):
self.dunikey = dunikey
self.pubkey = pubkey if pubkey else get_privkey(dunikey, "pubsec").pubkey
self.useMempool = useMempool
if not re.match(PUBKEY_REGEX, self.pubkey) or len(self.pubkey) > 45:
sys.stderr.write("La clé publique n'est pas au bon format.\n")
# Define Duniter GVA node
transport = AIOHTTPTransport(url=node)
self.client = Client(transport=transport, fetch_schema_from_transport=True)
def sendDoc(self):
# Build balance generation document
queryBuild = gql(
query ($pubkey: String!){
balance(script: $pubkey) {
paramsBuild = {
"pubkey": self.pubkey
# Send balance document
balanceResult = self.client.execute(queryBuild, variable_values=paramsBuild)
except Exception as e:
message = ast.literal_eval(str(e))["message"]
sys.stderr.write("Echec de récupération du solde:\n" + message + "\n")
balanceValue = balanceResult['balance']['amount']/100
# print(balanceValue)
return balanceValue