136 Commits (master)

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  poka bbbaec2c9c test git 2 weeks ago
  poka 507fd996ad Add username to json members profiles 1 month ago
  poka 67cd569684 Remove debug; fix 1 month ago
  poka b8db6bc258 Fix json format 1 month ago
  poka 6406abc24d Add isMember bool 1 month ago
  poka 58c485f568 add gitignore 1 month ago
  poka 19d21c5846 Fix possible from p2p.legal infra or custom 1 month ago
  poka 52c94e9f4d Add JSON generation for Cs+ profiles with geoloc 1 month ago
  poka 542fd94012 Cumulate graph 2 months ago
  poka 25a1d44ffe Fix index labels 2 months ago
  poka ba0f91404c Fix GVA request 2 months ago
  poka f18a98f563 Make only 1 GVA request 2 months ago
  poka c7ebb9d2b4 Replace Silkaj by Jaklis 2 months ago
  poka 4418e2f11d Remove silkaj error log 5 months ago
  poka 69bfe6cea7 Add style for FORBES 5 months ago
  poka db37ea2f51 Improve sorting 5 months ago
  poka a282d6a0c6 Add generation date 5 months ago
  poka c4d7cea7ba Import silkaj custom path 5 months ago
  poka 1600461097 Add link to FORBES page 6 months ago
  poka bd973e6f39 Fix compareMass; Fix table id in wallets_balances 6 months ago
  poka 12bfb02345 wallets_balance: Add checkbox to hide simples wallets 7 months ago
  poka 8f085e0e52 walletsBalance.sh: Export in HTML page 7 months ago
  poka bb00097c93 walletsBalance.sh: Clean output format in array, tmp output 7 months ago
  poka 4da8bae7fa walletsBalance.sh: Clean silkaj error 7 months ago
  poka cb43ebf132 walletsBalance.sh: Comment tests 7 months ago
  poka e9a203ac26 walletsBalance.sh: Check silkaj installation 7 months ago
  poka 3332403604 walletsBalance.sh: Use local data if exist 7 months ago
  poka 8bf72a01b4 Add new script to get balance of each wallets 7 months ago
  poka dadf846f90 Fix solde generation with new explorer command 7 months ago
  poka 99af53841e Fusion solde and total command 7 months ago
  poka 20d8df72e7 Remove useless cumulate jq statement 7 months ago
  poka 27abf57a44 Explorer: Add print command; G1Stats: Use explorer print to export cumulate json 7 months ago
  poka 41dc74a545 Explorer: Security fix when loading functions 7 months ago
  poka a3bdf1011e Explorer: Add anniversary command; change select to custom command 7 months ago
  poka 2125a33bfa Fix sumSoldes in functions.sh after explorer changes 7 months ago
  poka 7b32e5fa10 Fix cumulate.jq not found 7 months ago
  poka e513ae477a Add -y option to apt 7 months ago
  poka 26d42e19e0 Update REAMDE.md 7 months ago
  poka 4f18443702 Make explorer.sh standalone 7 months ago
  poka 8c4618378f Change explorer mechanic: Add --cumulate option for all functions 7 months ago
  poka e04767d59d Add jo to install for explorer usage; reduce roundit in one line in cumulate.jq; Add several functions in explorer 7 months ago
  poka e7686377d2 Big improve in explorer functions: Use jq select 7 months ago
  poka eb86ae17a9 Remove graph in history 7 months ago
  poka 7d9b71fa54 Beautify graph view; Improve cumulate.jq syntaxe 7 months ago
  poka b2404ead75 Fix don't find round in old jq 7 months ago
  poka a74b28a6cb Update templates 7 months ago
  poka ca5dafb15d Add cumulate.jq to generate JSON with cumulate values; Display graph on home page 7 months ago
  poka faa525b743 Fix absolute path for json 7 months ago
  poka 24379c89bc Move datas in data folder, change link to JSON instead of missing graph 7 months ago
  poka 0d71817bcd Add leading 0 from bc 7 months ago