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myos - Make Your Own Stack

Docker paas based on docker compose files.


This is work in progress ;)



  • Configure myos for domain.tld
$ make bootstrap DOMAIN=domain.tld
  • Start myos stacks
$ make node up STACK='zen'

make node starts the stack node with docker host services :

  • consul (service discovery)
  • fabio (load balancer)
  • ipfs (inter planetary file system)
  • registrator (docker/consul bridge) make User starts the stack User with docker user services :
  • myos (ssh-agent)
  • ipfs (when STACK=zen) make up starts the stack STACK
  • zen (when STACK=zen)
  • Stop myos
$ make shutdown
  • Install myos
$ make install



Show executed commands

$ make up DEBUG=true

Do nothing, show commands instead of executing it

$ make up DRYRUN=true

Show called functions

$ make up VERBOSE=true
  • Show variable VARIABLE
$ make print-VARIABLE


  • Show docker compose yaml config
$ make config

make config show docker compose yaml config for stack STACK make stack-node-config show docker compose yaml config for stack node make stack-User-config show docker compose yaml config for stack User make stack-elastic-config show docker compose yaml config for stack elastic

  • Show debug variables
$ make debug
  • Generate self documentation
$ make doc
  • Show env args
$ make print-env_args


Use it at your own risks.