Mesh decentralized Unified P2P Fat Protocol Layer. Connectors between Libre Money, ScuttleButt, IPFS, ... Salamalec between Nodes and Human.
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# This Python script gets Duniter creddentials as arguments, and writes a PubSec file that should be compatible with Cesium and Silkaj(DuniterPy) clients.
# launch with :
# python3 <id> <mdp>
# depends on duniterpy 0.56
### Licence - WTFPL
# This script was written my Matograine, in the hope that it will be helpful.
# Do What The Fuck you like with it. There is :
# * no guarantee that this will work
# * no support of any kind
# If this is helpful, please consider making a donation to the developper's pubkey : 78ZwwgpgdH5uLZLbThUQH7LKwPgjMunYfLiCfUCySkM8
# Have fun
from sys import argv
from duniterpy.key import SigningKey
# path to save to
path = "/tmp/secret.dunikey"
key = SigningKey.from_credentials(argv[1], argv[2], None)