Mesh decentralized Unified P2P Fat Protocol Layer. Connectors between Libre Money, ScuttleButt, IPFS, ... Salamalec between Nodes and Human.
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Le développement

    ___         __                              __ 
   /   |  _____/ /__________  ____  ____  _____/ /_
  / /| | / ___/ __/ ___/ __ \/ __ \/ __ \/ ___/ __/
 / ___ |(__  ) /_/ /  / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / /  / /_  
/_/  |_/____/\__/_/   \____/ .___/\____/_/   \__/  / KODI

__HyperWeb 5D - Metavers Numérique centré sur l'Humain__

continue sur Astroport/KODI - astrXbian

ATTENTION ce code n'est plus maintenu... nous vous invitons désormais à utilisez Astroport/KODI

Human Centric Telecommunication System

is Not an Astroport

The dream of an Internet without GAFAM, without Datacenter. Hosted and operated by all of us... An asynchronous, anoptic, friend of friend (P2P) network.

c'est quoi?

Le rêve d'un Internet sans GAFAM, sans Datacenter. Hébergé et opéré par nous tous... Un réseau asynchrone, anoptique, qui fonctionne par ami d'ami (P2P).

GROGol traduction

Internet est cassé The Internet is broken Das Internet ist kaputt La Internet está rota A Internet está quebrada Internet è rotto Het internet is kapot Интернет сломан Internet jest zepsuty

So what is Astroport ?

Astroport is an ecosystem of several open sources applications forming a global mesh of meshes restructuring the network from Humans point of view not Machine POV.

It is autonomous, doesn't need permanent connectivity and is Human centered ONLY. It behaves like The "BLOB creature"

It's using:

  • ScuttleButt as friendship, relative confidence, personnal blockchain & asynchronous, disconnect friendly, communication (SSB) layer, and 5Mb max file size storage.
  • IPFS as distributed storage, incremental backup, media transport & file sharing layer between friends through Zen Contracts.
  • Duniter First Libre currency monetary layer. Based on a sidechain strict consensus blockchain producing a Libre Money called June (Ḡ1). Actual fixed conversion rate is 1 Ḡ1 = 100 Zen


Each hosted astroport station will be able to have different "flavors", i.e. different software interconnected with it.

The base is a crystal with three branches, this is the Lapunta key in "The Castle in the Sky": G1 + SSB + IPFS. The Lapunta key is the responsible numerical identity which allows to start its relativistic #Swarm0 using the Astroport engine.

We can then add 'flavors' to the base which then becomes a Metaverse Metaverse is the experience of each of the interconnection of its information channels G1sms, Nextcloud, G1Dab, G1Tx, Cesium, Gchange, Transiscope, Oasis, Feedless, Youtube, Torrent, Minetest, etc... We will even be able to add new applications simply ! It's everyone's taste in Metavers.

These tastes are like doors that we open or close to data flows thanks to the astroport, by its Stations (x64, Rpi, VirtualBox), its keys and your friends.

The Minetest flavor, which is actively developped, will teleport you into the private digital worlds of your Scuttlebutt friends.

The Nextcloud flavor will allow you a nearly infinite storage in the IPFS.

Applications connected to Astroport are considered as modules, synchronized channels with push/pull capacities, step by step integrated

  1. Scraper / Pusher
  2. API : Read / Write
  3. IPFS full index/data conversion.

Rapid overview how an App can become an Astroport Module and then be a DApp

In Astroport Loveland Metaverse every Station have a relative SSB view of the whole... So many stations are part of the unique #Swarm0 relative to each "$YOU" Station.

Each Station have some software installed on it. Once "Fat Protocol Layer" is activated. Your Astroport PC have new Power(S). IPFS layer is always adapting to Half of your avalaible HDD space (better USB3 SSD ... technology ask @attilax)

Your LOCAL Apps can benefit from backup / replication / cryptographic file sharing / teleportation features !! Depending on App and Data structure, different operations are requested.

Get your App transformed to DApp is easy as 1, 2, 3?

Want to join and try Alpha stage #Swarm0 ?


     __ __                                     ____ 
  __/ // /_______      ______ __________ ___  / __ \
 /_  _  __/ ___/ | /| / / __ `/ ___/ __ `__ \/ / / /
/_  _  __(__  )| |/ |/ / /_/ / /  / / / / / / /_/ / 
 /_//_/ /____/ |__/|__/\__,_/_/  /_/ /_/ /_/\____/  

Activated and meshed layers, your node will create and connect to its #Swarm0 A special view and access to its network and data through friends only.

#swarm0 is the inner IPFS Metaverse structure and shape the same way our SSB friends are. Main Task Manager is run every minutes via cron

By default, shared ipfs data are encrypted (ed25519), but is not "private"...

  • Just "invisible" from IPFS Not Friends Nodes.
  • Discoverable within SSB by friends of your friends.

Share the same ~/.ipfs/swarm.key with your friends to "HARDEN" your shield

Installation: Debian 10 (armv7/arm64/amd64) and Ubuntu/Mint 64bits ONLY !

WARNING: This is an alpha stage development! Please FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!!! Open issues and help corrections. Thank you.

0 - OPTIONAL : Create a new user "pi"

Only if you don't have "ipfs daemon" already running !! continue the install with the user you are already using instead.

adduser pi
usermod -aG sudo pi
su - pi

1 - Automatic install

If you are sure about the code and you don't have .ssb and .ipfs folders, you can run automatic install:

curl -s | bash

Else you can follow steps 2,3 and 4 to check code gradually.

2 - IPFS - Install and start “ipfs daemon”





  • Semi manual (so you can run the code step by step)
#  to do so
curl -s -o /tmp/
geany /tmp/

# If you are happy with what you read and understood. RUN it
chmod +x /tmp/ && /tmp/
  • Full automatic (you trust this script from this git depot)
curl -s | bash

How your SSB and IPFS swarm are kept in sync?

3 - G1 SSB - Create your “secrets” 🔑 from credentials and activate your Astroport Station 🛸

Look at the code generating your G1SSB Identity.

# ONCE YOU READ, RUN step by step and AGREE !!! Run QUICK Install...
curl -s | bash

Astroport #Swarm0 makes you enter a "Virtual Private IPFS Swarm" shared with Scuttlebutt friends

All files are located in ~/.zen and ~/.ssb_astroport (linked to ~/.ssb)

Your Astroport Station is working as a "multi-channel Switch", Apps are seen as push/pull communication channels. Every minute, it "listens" to all its connected "channels" and run small routines to make actions between them.

During alpha period, your Station will git pull fresh code from this git every 5 mn. Fresh code is located in ~/.zen/astroport


~/.zen/secret.astroport.key # this Station $WHOAMI "LaPunta" Key, containing login/password to create your "gchange account"
~/.zen/secret.dunikey # Cesium Key, the June G1 wallet of you Key.
~/.ssb/secret ( + ".json's" for easier SSB recovery) # ScuttleButt ID + connectors

KEEP them safe. This way you could recover your data from #Swarm0

4 - DEMONSTRATION _ LOVELand _ Metaverse Interface:

$YOU Local basic 100km Web Control for Zen p2p markets (+ coming Minetest, NextCloud, CopyLaRadio, .... Adding your App is easy as "1 2 3")

curl -s | bash

Quick tour of Astroport Stations "flavours" (alpha):

Questions? Help needed? Post an issue... Chat with us



 _             ______ _ 
/ \\    //\ |\ ||  | /  
\_X \/\//--\| \|| _|_\_ #HyperWeb 5D

OASIS RULES, Docs and Roadmap

Participating @attilax @poka @josselinchevalay @ben @mlsuyt @tuxmain @qo-op @manutopik @yyy @borispaing @paulart @guenoel @jeanluc @nox @pruls @cel @andrestaltz @Dan ... I have to stop... to many people...



/__  /  ___  ____ 
  / /  / _ \/ __ \
 / /__/  __/ / / /
/____/\___/_/ /_/ 

Astroport is Human centered & Nature inspired

  • Similar to Organic Life Form

Blob creature #Swarm0 Clusters

>>>>>>> Help our Open Collective with DONATIONS

Web 2.0 is dangerous!! You only have window and an apple already biten.

Actual Internet is a place full of virus. But we are lucky a Free Software Universe is lying inside of it.

Now you must KNOW it exists, to be SAFE! HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE ALREADY OWNING YOUR DATA ??? <<< check your "digital ghost"

WE are building the "HyperWeb Cyberspace" with Base Stations and "Spacecraft(s) UX" (ZApp)

Discover "LOVE Land" the 1st Libre Metaverse interface, a living digital space