A way to tip SSB users for good posts, using Ğ1 libre currency.
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SSB/Ğ1 tip

SSB/Ğ1 tip is a micro donation system, just like Flattr, except:

  • It runs on SSB instead of the centralized web
  • It uses a libre currency (Ğ1) instead of a private one

An SSB user sent you Ğ1? Here is how to claim it:

First, you need to generate your base58 Duniter secret key from your base64 SSB secret key.

chmod +x secret2dunikey.sh

Then, all you need to do is connect to a Duniter client, using the generated ~/.ssb/secret.dunikey

  1. Download Cesium
  2. On Cesium homescreen, click "Other methods" and choose "Keychain file" :
  3. Then, browse your filesystem to select your Duniter secret key stored in ~/.ssb/secret.dunikey :
  4. Contemplate how rich and resilient you now are.
  5. Update your Cesium+ profile to appear on the registry map.

Cesium authentification

You too want to send tips?

A cool way to spend your Ğ1 is use it with this micro-donation system.


First, you have to install the necessary tools using the install.sh script.

chmod +x install.sh tip.sh

This script installs tools like Silkaj, the command line Duniter client. Don't worry, you will only have to do this once 😉


Then, once every other week, you can use the tip.sh script :


tip.sh will have a look at the posts you liked and will send from your Duniter account the corresponding amount (based on the number of times you liked a post) to the appropriate recipients.

It will also generate one or more markdown formatted files to help you thank publicly your fellow butts, and make them aware you sent them a tip 😉

Other ways to spend your Ğ1

The Ğ1 currency originated in called France, so the main part of the fun happens there.

The economy is still in its infancy, but you can already:

Curious about libre currencies?

Libre currencies are a concept that originated from the Relative Theory of Money.

It is a way to design a currency so that every human, whatever the generation they are part of, produces the same relative amount of money.

Unlinke the majority of currencies, where money creation is centralized (money is created by big private banks via credit), in a libre currency, money creation takes place everywhere.

The Relative Theory of Money was written in 2010 by French mathematician Stephane Laborde, and the first libre currency (Ğ1) was born in 2017. Up to this day, Ğ1 is the only libre currency we know of.

Ğ1, the first libre currency

Ğ1 the first libre currency we know of.

Ğ1 has the particularity to use blockchain to secure transactions, and uses on a web of trust to identify unique users, in order to make sure each individual can produce only one Universal Dividend each day, and nobody is cheating by producing a disproportionate amount of money.

Ğ1 runs on the Duniter blockchain engine.

The main clients for Duniter are Cesium and Silkaj

With docker (experimental)

install docker & docker-compose

Docker Docker-compose


SSB_PATH : this is important variable to locate your ssb db path and secret file don't forget to set that.

First you need to build docker image.

SSB_PATH=~/.ssb/ docker-compose build 

create your dunikey

 SSB_PATH=~/your-copy-ssb/ docker-compose up -d tip # only you need to run tiping part
 SSB_PATH=~/your-copy-ssb/ docker-compose up -d # if you need to run all platform

run main tip script

container_id=$(docker ps -a -q --filter="ancestor=ssb-g1like_tip") && docker exec -ti $container_id bash  -c "/home/astroport/tip"

For display thank you file

container_id=$(docker ps -a -q --filter="ancestor=ssb-g1like_tip") && docker cp $container_id:/home/astroport/thank-your-butts-$(date -u +%Y-week-%W).md ~ && docker exec -ti $container_id bash -c "rm -rf /home/astroport/thank-your-butts-$(date -u +%Y-week-%W).md"


  • cel (@f/6sQ6d2CMxRUhLpspgGIulDxDCwYD7DzFzPNr7u5AU=.ed25519)
  • Fred (@9BbJwPDjcyIqrOUPNn0nJZBduWdIrpMk3Cjz5MP361s=.ed25519)
  • Boris (@l5nYExWYIgDLV6BYHOJPoI97jIUyTdSm8CTLpQ0XeOg=.ed25519)
  • poka (@vDQif9KU3T78XJx+NliK+wdo1vmehHZCWqD+3X700Uk=.ed25519)
  • chamalow (@qio8/4L4vnzq3qRD0dqKI7sTpey54u8ZWbaICfpJOZw=.ed25519)