minetest scuttlebutt mod
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Minetest scuttlebutt mod called «scuttlebut» is a WIP mod that allows minetest player to send messages to a scuttlebutt user, given is scuttlebutt sbkey.


Go to the approriate mods subdirectory of your minetest game installation. Clone this repo as scuttlebutt directory name:

git clone https://git.p2p.legal/be1/minetest-scuttlebutt.git scuttlebutt

Install an ssb server for the unix user being the same as the minetest server. Configure your minetset server to enable the module as a trusted mod and restart minetest server.


Once installed in the mods subdirectory of minetest home as scuttlebutt subdirectory (see minetest documentation), this mod allow to player who have the ssb privilege to send a private message with the command /ssb <sbkey> [message] to the scuttlebutt user identified by sbkey. This module must be set as a trusted module of minetest because it requires extra Lua modules to work, namely:

  • json
  • socket
  • bit32

This mod needs an ssb server to work on the same host and owned by the minetest server. The mod talks to the ssb server through the .ssb/socket unix domain socket. Thus, this socket must be accessable by the minetest server. The identity used is then the one of the ssb server owned by the minetest unix user. The message to send is optional: if no message is written by the player, then a default message is sent, such as:

Minetest bot here. <player> says: Please join me on <hostname>:<port>

further work

Currently this mod can only send messages. Back message polling will be implemented in order to redispatch replies to the minetest players.