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  poka b5fc4d1b0b Switch to home when scan from anywhere 1 month ago
  poka e057c18760 generateWallets: setState only one time 1 month ago
  poka 35df9f8734 Add Rust binding; Tab views; ListTile; 1 month ago
  poka 14ad52b9ae Merge pull request 'doc(dubp_rs): add missing setup step' (#2) from librelois/gecko:dubp_rs-doc into dev-pagedlist 1 month ago
  librelois 03b024e767 doc(dubp_rs): add missing setup step 1 month ago
  poka dea9ba60f6 Merge pull request 'dubp_rs' (#1) from librelois/gecko:dubp_rs into dev-pagedlist 1 month ago
  librelois c8aa20d62d chore: add package dubp_rs in app dependencies 1 month ago
  librelois e7ef81d260 build(rust): disable build for arch i686 and x86_64 1 month ago
  librelois c88d756356 doc(dubp_rs): document setup and compile 1 month ago
  librelois 2492465d46 ref(dubp): bind an array of string directly and use it in signSeveral 1 month ago
  librelois bacabc4e95 chore: add package dubp 1 month ago
  librelois 7cac5b996b chore: add rust code that expose dup-crypto crate like a C lib 1 month ago
  librelois 38c3f32109 git: ignore rust binaries & autogenerated dart/rust binding code 1 month ago
  poka b9c11e98dc remove unused dependencies 2 months ago
  poka 9a83df3d00 Remove states management, keep just history pagination mechanic, clean code. 2 months ago
  poka 7652b8e602 progress 2 months ago
  poka 68170e1829 Upgrade to graphql 4.0-beta5 2 months ago
  poka e4558bf8ee Add tests, try to understand the problem ... 2 months ago
  poka 654281b34a FIX GQL CURSOR ! 2 months ago
  poka 24be168cd4 continue to swim ... 2 months ago
  poka 1bcfa738cc better 2 months ago
  poka 7936de25fc bad... 2 months ago
  poka 5c4a029674 Work about PagedList history with infinite scroll 2 months ago
  poka 1c26298a16 Replace button by floatingActionButton; show 20 last transcations; Use flutter way for version controle 2 months ago
  poka fa3940201e Improve build script 2 months ago
  poka 7d13644c71 3 lasts received/sent transations + pending transactions 2 months ago
  poka 582e87f7e0 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.p2p.legal/axiom-team/gecko 2 months ago
  poka a1acc6a796 History with new GVA version: pagination 2 months ago
  poka 71ab55b907 Mise à jour de 'README.md' 2 months ago
  poka 1cd2d63fe0 add bbgecko 2 months ago
  poka 0165e63e1f Change icon (no); Add commented checknode functions. 2 months ago
  poka 25515905ec Improve history view 2 months ago
  poka 81915382f3 Improve view; Parse and display history 2 months ago
  poka 2a24c15f17 Cleaner API code 2 months ago
  poka a9d0f5a7a6 Hello Ḡecko 2 months ago