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Spotify music downloader

Based on https://github.com/migo1271/spotify-ripper

This is not a youtube scrapper. This is a real Spotify music downloader, to mp3 320kb/s 44100 Hz, no DRM, with good tags.

You will need a premium account to Spotify and set your ids in .env file, and configure your tracks output format and custom location.

If you want to use keywords search, you will also need client_id and client_secret, set to the same file (TODO: bypass this ids).
You can get this ids here: https://developer.spotify.com/dashboard/applications


Launch install.sh script

Exemples of use

Search keyword and download best match

./spotify-dl.sh daft punk around the world

Download full album

./spotify-dl.sh https://open.spotify.com/album/5uRdvUR7xCnHmUW8n64n9y

Download full playlist

./spotify-dl.sh https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6Rjypi024T6tj6cLtMOWBk

SaaS - Remote API

You can try this little online service, but do not spread its existence at the moment:

https://spotify-dl.p2p.legal/search?daft punk hader better faster stronger

Replace keywords after search? by anything you wanna search on Spotify, artiste or track.
This can take a while to start download, so be patient.

Command line remote API

You can use this remote service in commandline:

./spotify-dl-remote.sh air le voyage de pénélope

This will download the track in current folder.
This can take a while to start download, so be patient.