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Spotify music downloader

Based on https://github.com/migo1271/spotify-ripper

This is not a youtube scrapper. This is a real Spotify music downloader, to mp3 320kb/s 44100 Hz, no DRM, with good tags.

You will need a premium account to Spotify and set your ids in .login.auth file.

If you want to use keywords search, you will also need a developer token, set to the same file (TODO: bypass this token). You can get this token here: https://developer.spotify.com/console/get-search-item/, but this one expire after one hour...


Launch install.sh script

Exemples of use

Search keyword and download best match

./spotify-dl.sh daft punk around the world

Download full album

./spotify-dl.sh https://open.spotify.com/album/5uRdvUR7xCnHmUW8n64n9y